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Da Farq is That: Spearmint

Spearmint tea is a beautiful soothing tea that I drink each and every day. It hasn’t always been this…

Da Farq is that? Chamomile

What is chamomile? Chamomile (also spelt camomile) is wondrous plant that is turned into tea. It looks like you are…

Da Farq is That: Besan Flour

What is besan flour? Besan flour is a delicious gluten free flour made from dried grounded chickpeas – they can…

Da Farq is That: Cacao

What is cacao? Cacao (kah-KOW!) is like a unicorn – it’s chocolate – but it is good for you. Like…

Da Farq is That: Chipotle

What is chipotle? Chipotle (chip-ot-lay) is a vibrate red spice that makes everything taste like hipster. More technically…

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Conor McSweeney – Designer, Australian Hairpin Legs

Catalina Miguel October 28, 2016

With so much mass produced, offshore veneer furniture in the marketplace, it is kind of magical when you find a local talent making beautiful timeless furniture with native wood. Meet Conor McSweeney – the Irishman product amazing hairpin leg furniture…

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