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Getting Familiar with The Denim Jacket

Getting Familiar with The Denim Jacket

Lee // Bleach Spray Denim Jacket

NEUW // Denim Jacket Denim Jackets aren’t the easiest item to pull off, but when you nail it, it’s well worth the investment. Taking a look around the local scene here in Auckland, New Zealand I haven’t noticed many guys taking up denim jackets as they can be a bit daring and hard to master for the unconverted. Maybe, just maybe I can lend a helping hand on this one.

First up, there’s a few factors one needs to consider before purchasing a denim jacket. Much like a great pair of jeans you’ve not only got to locate the right shape and fit, you’ve got to get the wash right to allow you some flexibility with what you pair the jacket with. One simple rule that I find works is, if it’s light on top it’s gotta be dark on the bottom and then follow the same in reverse. If you fail on this one, you’re basically reliving the 80’s which was a brilliant decade but I’m not entirely convinced we’re all ready to wear it all over again.

Cheap Monday // The Staple Jacket SS Rinse Black

Like any new venture into something different, inspiration can provide some examples of how to pull together various looks and give you the confidence to try it on yourself. There’s loads of suave examples of guys nailing denim jackets, some that rock the casual street style and others that add sophistication for a more dressed up look.

Lee  // Bleach Spray Denim Jacket

David Beckham, well the man is one of the best dressed on the planet, and for me I’m always keen to see how he puts himself together, whether it’s his weekend looks or his high flying social life attire. The man knows how to do style. Plain and simple.

David Beckham // H&M Denim Jacket Here’s a few ways you can make the denim jacket work with a range of styles. Hopefully there’s something in the mix that you’re willing to wear.

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