mens style nike roshe fly knitThe official countdown to the start of Summer is on. The days are forever getting brighter, warmer and longer. It’s such a rad time of the year, mostly because people are starting to smile more, as the days imagined BBQing, beaching, relaxing and doing anything but working seem within reach. In order to kick your Summer off on the right track, I’ve complied a list of the Top 5 Summer Staples. It’s nothing too fancy, that’s what staples are. They shouldn’t cost too much and are the items you’ll get a heap of wear out of. Mix-n-match the below list and you’ll be wearing Summer before it even arrives.

Industrie Shorts

1. Industrie Shorts

Get those pasty white legs out of those jeans and into some Cuba Chino Shorts, they’re a sure bet for the warmer days ahead. They’re the shorter cousin of the popular chino pant so you’re not going to go wrong with these. Each pair even comes with a leather belt for added detail which is a good shout. There’s also more colour options than days of the week so you’ll probably end up with 3 pair.


AS Colour Singlet

2. AS Colour Singlets

Don’t be a dick and walk around shirtless all the time. Yip there’s a place and time for that, but when you just want something light and breezy to cover the six pack or lack there of AS Colour have a cool range of Singlets/Tanks that rock, with the raw and rugged cut sleeves that pay homeage to the sweet 80’s. Best buy a few of these and stock them in your room as you’ll be wearing these on the regular.


Nike FlyKnit Roshes

3. Nike Roshes

Unless you don’t have access to the internets or something, you would have been all over the hype that surrounds Nike Roshes and their lastest hybrid of Flyknit Roshes. They’re not only the lightest shoe i’ve ever experienced but due to the breathable fabric, you can feel the breeze cool your feet. No Summer is complete without a pair like these Flyknit Roshes.

Ray Bans Sunglasses 4. Ray Ban Sunglasses

RB’s are my regulars. Timeless classics really. Recently they launched a new twist on the iconic aviator with 12 new frames called Liteforce. These sunglasses are made of a new bio-material semi-crystalline thermoplastic. What the……..? Apparently this tech is used in spaceships. They’re thin, sturdy and make you look like Maverick. Sweet.

Starter Cap

5. 5 Panel Caps

Have been around for a good season or so, and I don’t feel like they’re going to disappear this Summer. Why move on from a good thing right? Here’s my favourite pick, it’s the Starter cap from Needles and Threads. I tend to wear my cap backwards, as it’s way cooler…right?

Don’t forget to block up.



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