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How to wear drop crotch pants

How to wear drop crotch pants

best places to get drop crotch pants

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Ahhh drop crotch pants. They’re one of those styles that look incredible on the models, and inspires us to branch out of our comfort zone and try a new trend. But when you get them in the fitting room… yikes. For me the problem is that where they’re supposed to be baggy my butt fills them out. So they end up being a well fitting pant with a slightly baggy bum.

But with so many awesome options around this season, they’re definitely worth a try. The trick is finding the right pair. Here are a few recommendations from my many (many, many) excursions to the fitting room with a pair of drop crotch pants in hand.

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  • If you’re smaller in the waist and larger through the hips, try and find a pair with a drawstring waist and buy them a size larger. There’s no point in these puppies being fitted, trust me. If you’re going to try any kind of tricky trend like this one you need to go all out, a half-hearted attempt will end up a disaster.
  • Wear them low on your waist to accentuate it – if you pull them too high you risk your crotch area looking too long. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.
  • Find a pair that grips you on your calves, to give you a slim lower leg / ankle look.
  • Go for a darker colour, they’re always more flattering.
  • Always, always pair with a slim fit top. I’d recommend something body con or even a body suit. If you want to cover your butt then a drape cardi or waterfall jacket is good, but don’t wear a loose tee.
  • Show your ankles. Ankle boots always make your legs look longer, but they’ll also look chunky. I’d wear drop-crotch pants with brogues, skaters, sandals or a cute ballet flat.

And finally, here are a few ethical or locally produced options I like. Go forth and shop.

[images src=”” title=”Zambesi Patio Trouser (on sale)” caption=”Zambesi Patio Trouser (on sale)” url=””] [images src=”” title=”Taylor Boutique Enclose Jumpsuit (in store today)” caption=”Taylor Boutique Enclose Jumpsuit” url=””] [images src=”” title=”American Apparel Printed Harem Jersey Pant” caption=”American Apparel Printed Harem Jersey Pant” url=””] [images src=”” title=”Kowtow Building Block Low Crotch Pant (on sale)” caption=”Kowtow Building Block Low Crotch Pant (on sale)” url=””]
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