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Karma Bali – Luxury Private Beach Club aka How To Holiday Like A Bond Girl

Karma Bali – Luxury Private Beach Club aka How To Holiday Like A Bond Girl

karma beach club luxury private beach bali uluwatu waterview
Catalina wears Emma Bikini, Bondi Born & Spencer Hat, Lack of Color. Emily wears Seafolly.

“Cat – can we go to one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali which can only be accessed by a private elevator that goes down a pretty limestone cliff for my birthday?” Emily asked.

“Umm.. why yes, Emily, I think we can” I replied.

As with many of our adventures, that is how we our trek out to Karma Beach Club and our brief foray into being Bond Girls started. karma beach club luxury private beach bali uluwatu view from elevatorIf you have come across any dreamy aerials of pristine Balinese beaches, chances are it is Karma Kandara. One Tripadviser reviewer put it well “The trip down the side of the mountain watching the view unfold the lower you descend is EPIC!” As you head down the cliff face first there is a lot of excitement and anticipation paired with the beautiful scenic panorama. All you need is some dramatic music and you would have an excellent action movie entrance nailed.

Located on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula it is easy to see why it is known globally as ‘Billionaire’s Row’. Apparently though, there is more to Karma Kandara than the pretty beaches. According to Karma’s website “an expert in Feng Shui, the ancient understanding of energy – or Chi – in nature, highlighted this cliff-top hideaway for its powers of healing and good fortune. Whether you put it down to Chi or the quintessential Karma vibe, you can feel the positivity here”.

We spent the afternoon ferociously lazing on the sun loungers and listening to the DJ’s tropical beats silently hoping they would ask us to move into the vilas permanently. Inspired by the luxury and the magnificent serenity of the white sand beach with cerulean waters we decided this was not unlike the life of being a Bond Girl. So we commandeered some snorkels and ventured amongst the reefs abundant coral and underwater life avoiding the very real impending danger of sea urchins – the little black creatures hiding amongst rocks who conspire to impale your feet with their sharp seismic points.

We thought we were very elegant and poised and so one with the ocean that we were obviously very surprised when we didn’t get a casting call from Daniel Craig… Confusion subsided when we decided casting for Spectre must be well and truly finalised given it’s recent release.

karma beach club luxury private beach bali uluwatu yoga meditate sunsetOnce the brief devastation subsided, we watched the sunset and walked over to neighbouring Finn’s Beachclub for dinner. Since it was Emily’s birthday we had a bit of a holiyay blowout. We had these amazing burgers then DIY smores – get this, you sit on beanbags around the campfire and toast your own marshmellows, add strawberries then sandwich them between biscuits before dipping them in chocolate. Not gluten-free. Not dairy-free. Not sugar-free. It is safe to say, Emily was pretty happy with her birthday celebrations despite early setbacks of her role as ‘Bunny Charade‘ being cancelled.

We left long after dark and ascended back up the cliff under the pretty stars – noted to self that this would make an excellent romantic closing sequence if was alone with well-suited male co-star. I’ll have to arrange that for future visits me thinks.

What else can you do at Karma Beach Club?
We went just for the day, but the estate also boasts sea-facing luxury cliff mounted villas, Karma Spa and restaurant which all have cliff-side ocean views of tropical the beaches. They also have their infamous beach club party days where it can get hectic – so either avoid / go on those days depending on your preference! Of course the perfect Bond Girl is equally happy to party or relax. She does what she wants ^__^.

Getting there:
Taxi to and from is your best bet. We were staying in Uluwatu so wasn’t too much of a mission. Most taxi drivers know the way. It is only a forty minute drive from Ngurah Rai airport and twenty minute drive from Uluwatu Temple.

Good to know:
Admission is about Rp300k, however, Rp200k can go towards food and drinks. Most loungers are first in first served or you could reserve a luxury cabana for a guaranteed spot.

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Where next?
Stay around Uluwatu for a few days and visit the other beach clubs, the temple and give horse riding a go. So much prettiness, so little time! After Uluwatu we made our way back towards Ubud to go on a Sharing Bali bootcamp.

The Unimpossibles visit was courtesy of Karma Kandara.



Karma Kandara Contact Details://
Website / bookings
Phone: +62 361 8482200
Address: Jalan Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan, Bali, 80362, Indonesia.


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