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Never Grow Up – Your Water Wonderland Waterbom, Kuta

Never Grow Up – Your Water Wonderland Waterbom, Kuta

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Catalina wears Henna Balcony Bikini, Zimmermann. Emily wears Gemma Bikini, Bondi Born.

It’s not fair that we have to grow up. Just as we get money and freedom we are suddenly supposed to be responsible? Boooooooooring. Surely now that we are older and richer this just means we can spend our money on the experiences our parents didn’t want to take us on? That’s my thinking anyways and is why we went to Waterbom – Asia’s number one water park (third in the world) in Kuta, Bali.

Now I must admit, water parks are not things that twenty-something girls usually think about when they consider Bali. However, running around in the sun going on semi-fear inducing slides and rides is actually a great way to kill an afternoon. Think swimming pool on steroids – if you think a pool is fun, well times that by a thousand. It seems we were not the only ones who thought this way as the majority of patrons were our age – and they were not there with spawn either!

It was actually quite impressive. I was kind of expecting it to be a little bit lame to be honest and to have a bit of a joke about it’s lameness but these guys take their slip and slides seriously and deliver a great combination of rides that range from chillax to extreme.

Take the Flowrider, a wave simulation pool where an instructor guides you through a series of moves and tricks on either a boogie board or a stand up board. My dreams of becoming a surfing goddess were getting closer every minute – by the end of it I was nearly standing up unsupported! Weeee. Move over Alana Blanchard! Another plus of this ride was that it obviously attracted a certain type of person of the opposite sex. In-between turns it was very nice perving on the well-toned eye candy doing inspiring flips and rolls – abs and golden tan glistening. Mmm mmm.

Then there were the multi-person rides such as the Boomerang and the Super Bowl where you can go down the twisty turvy slides screaming like little girls together. It actually isn’t that scary but it’s just fun to let it all out anyways – where else is a grown girl allowed to scream in public without shame?

My favourite ride was probably the Climax – a sixteen-meter drop where you reach seventy kilometers per hour in seven seconds. You stand on a platform and they remove it from under you so you suddenly drop into nothingness. So much scary. So much fun.

Aside from the rides, there is a lot of other things to do at Waterbom. There are communal pools with loungers for emergency tanning*, water volleyball, a lazy river and plenty of cafes. I was actually quite surprised with the food on offering – a far cry from the junk I was expecting. Plenty of modern eateries offering salads and healthy options as well as one vegan ice cream stand! Although they had the option put m&ms on their dairy free coconut-icecream at least they tried. The ice-cream sans m&ms was still pretty good though!

So forget yourself, forget your age, release your inner child and go have a cracking day of water, sun and fun. Y.O.L.O!


*Emergency Tanning
[ih-mur-juh n-see tan-ing] verb
An urgent, usually unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action and frantic browning or darkening of the skin, as by exposure to the sun. Emergency tanning occurs in the desperate last days of a vacation when one is not tanned enough to inspire emotions such as jealousy in peers and friends at awesomeness of your holiday.


Good to know:
Food and some of the rides require further payment over the entrance fee. They don’t take cash but you can purchase a money loaded bracelet which can pay for rides, food and any photos that are taken that you want. Any unused credit can be refunded at the end of the day.

Getting there:
Taxi is your best bet. Some hotels can organise it for you e.g the concierge at Vila Kubu in Seminyak organised it for us!

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Where next?
Off to Sisterfields for a spot of dinner in Seminyak. Awwww yeeeaah.

The Unimpossibles visit was courtesy of Waterbom.



Waterbom Tour Contact Details://
Website / bookings
Phone: +62 361 755 676
Address: Jl. Kartika PO BOX 1055 Tuban, Kuta, Bali, 80361, Indonesia




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