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I work in the world of advertising, so you’d expect we’d all have an impressive stockpile of swanky high end suits, drink scotch only neat, smoke cigars and toast to our campaign successes on a daily basis. Truth is, the Mad Man industry isn’t what you may have seen on screen or hear about from the old timers. The good old days have been waved goodbye and it’s a real shame.

It’s much the same with dress standards or lack there of within the office environment. I get the concept of casual Fridays but from what I’ve seen around here in Auckland, people think every day is a TGIF. It’s about time we address this and bring a bit of common sense and style into the workplace. How you dress says a lot about yourself. What is it currently saying about you?

how to dress for work stylish work wear 2Here’s my take on how you can set the scene at your work place. Unless of course you’re a tradie, then shit, wear snap pants if you want.


1. Ever wear shorts. Full stop.

2. Sport jandals or anything similar. That’s just plain rude.

3. Turn up in just a tee. This isn’t university, have some respect.

4. An un-ironed shirt. That’s just pure lazy and you’ll look shit.

5. Clash colours. You can’t wear a striped shirt and striped pants. You insane?

how to dress for work stylish work wearDO

1. Make a habit of wearing a collared shirt. This shows your work mates & clients you’re ready for business.

2. Wear a belt with your slacks. Only amateurs don’t wear them.

3. Have a bottle of fragrance tucked away in your desk. A freshen up mid-afternoon is always good.

4. Ensure you have at least 3 pairs of quality work appropriate shoes. Women in particular will be judging you on this one.

5. Mix it up. A tee with a blazer and jeans can offer a great level of style without overcooking it.

Does your work place have a dress standard? My agency doesn’t have a formal document, but I think it’s about time they did. The way you present yourself and the impressions this leaves are as important as the work you do. Set the tone of how you want to be perceived and others will surely follow.




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