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I’m a real beach baby and if the sun is out I’m putting on my togs and hitting the water. With a new season, I’m thinking it’s about time for a new good pair of swim shorts. I’m not talking budgie smugglers like James Bond but something that balances purpose with style as you can afford to look good at the beach.

Iconic Kiwi label Huffer are veterans on the streetwear scene since their inception in ’97 and they’ve just released their take on the retro swimwear scene with the Throw Back Boardies in two colours, Aqua or Navy. Made out of 100% Polyester Microfiber you’ll be dry before you’ve got back to your towel.

Huffer Throw Back Togs

Huffer Throw Back Boardies

I am quite happy to sport some retro as I’ve always wished I saw more of the 80’s and 90’s growing up. I was just a young whipper snapper back then but got to see my two older brothers living it out to the max during the good old days.

huffer throw back boardies3

Get out there and enjoy Summer as much as you can.





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