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Serious Smoothies
I used to be religious with my smoothie making. I’ve got myself the whiz bang Nutribullet and always enjoyed the ritual of throwing a bunch of good things into the bullet, hitting go and making a deliciously healthy smoothie. But then I got busy…or lazy, probably a mixture of both and gone were the days of whipping up my killer smoothies. Now my smoothies were a labour of love, they really were, it wasn’t just about throwing a few ingredients together, the process was meticulously thought out and I’d spend a great deal of time sourcing the ingredients – from chia seeds, LSA, protein powder, cocoa and the list goes on.  So you know, that took time to sort out, and then of course comes the main event – smoothie time – where I’d have to pull out the concoction of ingredients from the fridge, freezer and pantry which was quite time consuming when time wasn’t in credit. So my marriage with smoothies had been lacklustre, it needed some invigorating and then I heard of this new Kiwi start-up doing a thing with smoothies and I knew I had to get back to my roots and get blending again. Serious Smoothies
The two Kiwi blokes behind Serious Smoothies  (Sam and Simon) have got some serious smarts. They’ve both come from an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) background and had identified a gap in the beverage market. While it’s evident smoothies are fast becoming as popular as snapchat, there was an opportunity to encourage people to make them at home rather than paying premium prices at their local café or juice spot. The second insight they uncovered was we’re increasingly becoming time poor, and between sourcing the goodies needed for a smoothie, as well as building your own, can eat up a lot of precious time. That’s time you can’t often afford when you’re already rushing to get to work or you’re at the other end, shattered from a day of hard yakka. Serious Smoothies
So this weekend I spent some time blending up a storm and tasting all three tantilising flavours on their menu [line] Kickstart a tasty blend of mango, banana, cashews, spinach and lime juice aimed at giving you the kick you need to get you going. [line] Fighting Fit includes the exotic mix of ingredients – strawberries, banana, acidophilus yoghurt, chia seeds and goji berries to help your body keep up with your active lifestyle. [line] Immunity with blueberries, banana, almonds, flaxseeds and dates mixed together to give your body the best shot at battling off any free radicals that try knock you down. [line] What immediately impressed me about these smoothies happened before I even got to taste them. It was seeing whole fruit pieces fall out of the packet. Each pouch made up of all natural ingredients, sourced locally where possible and then snap frozen to seal in the quality goodness and you can tell they’ve spent time doing this right. Serious Smoothies
These Serious Smoothies are of course, seriously easy to make. Straight out of the freezer, rip open, throw in blender, add your liquid and protein if you so desire and blend away. It literally took 30 seconds, which I think beats my average smoothie making game by at least 5 minutes. This is going to be real critical when I’m trying to get to the gym before the sun rises in the morning. Think i’ll start this Monday… Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Serious Smoothies
Serious Smoothies
Serious Smoothies
Then of course, you get to the finale of tasting them. And I’ve got to say due to my affection with my personal smoothie blends, I wasn’t sure these would live up to my high expectations but I’m happy to say these three smoothies hit the mark. The flavours all mixed really well and the SS guys told me they spent quite a bit of time testing the right pairing of ingredients as well as the balance and it’s definitely paid off. Then you’ve got the colour of the smoothies, so vibrant, with deep purple, a glowing green and a stunning orange, they’re visually inviting before you’ve even got to taste them on your lips. Serious Smoothies
What’s also great about these smoothies is it’s totally up to you if you’d like to add your own protein, or mix it 50/50 with coconut water and almond milk. They’ve got you covered with the core ingredients but you can definitely throw in some of your other favourites and make it your own. With each smoothie pouch serving two and around $6 a pop, it’s extremely affordable, extremely easy and seriously tasty. Serious Smoothies
They’re launching this week across selected supermarkets so check out their Facebook page; Serious Smoothies and go blend one up and taste for yourself why they’re so smoothie as.




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