Sisterfields AKA Where To Instagram Your Healthy Breakfast in Seminyak, Bali

Mmmm. Food. It’s what I think about the most – as soon as one meal is finished I am scheming what to eat next. When travelling it is pretty hard to eat healthily and especially to avoid dairy – which is why Bali is such an awesome place to visit. Health is everywhere – and at Sisterfields it is the prettiest health for breakfast you can find.

We dropped in one night to have a gal pal date and it was actually pretty funny. The middle of November is actually quiet season. However, there was a hectic stag do going on when we arrived. Granted we took our sweet ass time getting ready and didn’t get to dinner until 9pm but the lads were pretty drunk. And wearing brightly colour spandex onesies. I’m going to say that again. And wearing brightly colour spandex onesies. Did I mentioned the onesies were topped off with fake KISS wigs and Ron Jeremy taches? I was amused to say the least – they thought they were pretty clever swanning in with a straight face ordering shots. Not attention seeking at all.

Anyways, we proceeded to have a very lovely dinner of Short Ribs, Crispy Skinned Chicken and yummy salad sides. As good as dinner is though.. to me it is ALL about breakfast. So we had to come back.

For breakfast they have all of the good dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and fructose-free options covered – so anyone with annoying intolerances will be able to order something other than fruit salad. But even their fruit salad looks good. Just sayin’.

Their four smoothies are all dairy free (with nut milk, coconut or soy) and have a range of ingredients from passionfruit, strawberry, mango and everything in between. Some come with honey but could be swapped out. Their fresh juice menu contains seven varieties – a super green one (Spinach, Green Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Mint) and then a lot of boyfriend friendly ones (e.g. Apple, Beetroot, Carrot).

The other healthy favourites include the famous acai bowl with blended frozen blueberry, banana, almond milk, cocoa nib & goji berry granola, coffee honey, the coconut, mixed seed & currant muesli with poached apple, yoghurt, almond milk, the tropical fruits with coconut Bavarian cream, coconut & lime granita as well as a decent looking smashed avo on toast and other not so healthy options such as pancakes, mushrooms on brioche french toast and semi ok options such as corn fritters and salmon scrambled eggs on sourdough.

Lunch is a bit of a dangerzone with a lot of white carbs and dairy… however they do have a decent looking courgette mint feta & falafel salad with crispy quinoa, chilli, lemon vinaigrette as well as a pumpkin & whipped feta salad with Vadouvan cashew nut granola, blood vein sorrel, chorizo & apple jam where you could potentially ask to skip the cheese.

However, if your friends do force you here for lunch and you have dairy intolerances – the breakfast menu runs until 3pm. Yussssssssss.

So you should be sorted.

If you give zero f’s about all that health and just want to come to a pretty place that serves pretty food then Sisterfields is probably the best cafe in Bali to Instagram back home about. Oh.. and of course it all tastes pretty great too ^__^.



Sisterfields’ Contact Details://
Website (no bookings)
Phone: +62 811 3860 507
Address: Jl. Kayu Cendana No. 7, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.




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