strawberry creams forever

strawberries and raw vanilla cashew creamNeed a quick and easy dessert tonight? This dreamy dessert looks and tastes naughty, but is actually full of more goodness than a salad. Well… close to at least, I’m sure.

The “cream” is made by blending raw cashews with pure, unadulterated vanilla, luxuriously silky coconut oil and fresh cold water. The result is a delectably smooth treat which is great accompaniment to any dessert.

Strawberry creams forever:
Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2-4

1 cup cashews
1/2 cup – 1 cup water
1 teaspoon pure vanilla paste (or 1 vanilla bean)
Pinch salt
2 tablespoons of raw, cold pressed coconut oil, melted
1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup, depending how sweet you like it
Strawberries to serve

1. Place everything except the strawberries into the blender (unless you want strawberry cream, then in that case, add it!). More water will equal a runner cream so start with 1/2 a cup and go from there.
2. Blend until thick and creamy .
3. Dollop onto of fresh strawberries.

This recipe is a great base for many variations – if you want a cream that will set, add more coconut oil. The more solid version is great to pipe onto to desserts and makes a wonderful filling for cake and tarts. My favourite use as it is on scones with chia jam.


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