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The Unimpossibles are all about finding out ways on how to live our unimpossibles. We scour the world looking for yummy healthy food and unique travel destinations an as well as interviewing some of the worlds most successful mega bosses who are disrupting their industries with their innovative business models.





Catalina is totally obsessed with healthy but delicious treats, awesome DIYs, yoga, fashion and awkward selfies. Ergo, that’s why she is Editor in Chef… it’s a pun… get it?!

She usually lives in Melbourne but dreams of escaping to far away places. Her current hobbies include making raw muesli, perfecting the perfect Spotify playlist, compulsive bike riding, musing the bigger things to life and running her unimpossible business

By day she works in Online Marketing and has extensive experience in online operations, marketing, social media, UX, analytics and more. If you wish to drop her a line about consulting, catering, collaborating, adding to her sweet playlist or anything else, email her at




Lydia-Brewer-Fashion-Editor-The-Unimpossibles-8LYDIA BREWER, WOMAN’S FASHION EDITOR

Lydia lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and spends her days running Little Monster, her boutique PR company for creative thinkers specialising in publicity, communications, copywriting and styling.

Since working in the fashion industry, Lydia noticed a lack of education around the manufacturing of fabric and garments. She embarked on a personal mission to dress in ethically and sustainably produced fashion, without the hemp sandals.

On the Unimpossibles, she writes about her journey, brands she’s uncovered and her ethical fashion wishlist.





Jaheb is a man about town. When he isn’t out and about across Auckland’s social scene he is enjoying time with friends in the surf, sand and snow.

After spending a great deal of time travelling the globe he was inspired to help the kiwi bloke become the modern man. With a background in communications and living the life as a mad man, his mission is to offer some sound advice across a range of topics that we call life.