Weekly Want: Tony Bianco Jorji Ankle Boot

tony bianco Jorji blank ankle boots with elastic gussets 2This autumnal weather has set me into a frenzy. It is this time of year where the panic begins – why don’t I have anything to wear? Everything from last season seems so old and worn but it is getting cold quickly!

One of my first purchases as the season turns is always footwear. In particular, boots.

These heeled Jorji Boots from Tony Bianco are a great purchase as they can be worn with ANYTHING. Well… within reason. They are great with or without leggings. The elasticated side gusset makes everything look cool – but really they’re the lazy mans way of getting in and out of them quickly. Kind of reminds me of those old gumboots we all wore as kids ^

How do you get yourself sorted for Autumn?

tony bianco Jorji blank ankle boots with elastic gussets


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