Da Farq is That: Linseeds / Flax Seeds

what are linseeds heath benefitsWhat are linseeds?
Linseeds are beautiful tiny seeds that are amazing for hair and skin. They contain about a bazillion useful vitamin and minerals in them which help us glow! Linseeds mainly come in two different colours, brown and gold. They are super versatile which means adding them into your diet is an easy way to get all those key benefits the body needs.

Why are linseeds good for me?
Linseeds (flaxseeds) contain phytonutrients called lignans. Lignans provide us with antioxidant benefits, fiber-like benefits, and also act as phytoestrogens. Researchers now rank flaxseeds as the #1 source of lignans in human diets. They are also significantly higher in antioxidants than fruits like blueberries or vegetables like olive. Just 2 tablespoons of linseed provide 137% of a DRI of omega 3s which is essential for brain development, hormone regulation and beautiful skin. It is a popular myth that linseeds are easily damaged by heat, however this is not true – tests have shown that it can take high heats for long periods of time and its omega 3 content remains stable and intact.

Where to get linseeds from:
Linseeds are available in most supermarkets these days but fresh nut shops and markets usually have fresher and better quality.

What to look for:
Golden shiney coat in airtight packaging.

How to use linseeds:
Linseeds comes in two forms – golden and brown. Golden is great in baked goods but is slightly harder to come by. Both can be used interchangeably, depending what you want to use.

I have used linseeds in everything from shakes, to healthy cookies to pizza crust and ovenbaked chicken.

You can find delicious recipes with linseeds here.


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