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Da Farq is That: Himalayan Salt

Da Farq is That: Himalayan Salt

what is himalayan salt

what is himalayan saltWhat is it?
Its fine, pink crystals looks like fairy dust but don’t be fooled. Himalayan salt is a mineral rich salt that derives from deep within the heart of the Himalayas. It’s beautiful tones of pink, white and red aren’t just some perfectly crafted party theme colours, they indicate it’s rich mineral density, namely iron and copper.

Why is it good for me?
Unlike normal table salt, Himalayan salt is jammed with 84 minerals that are essential to good health. It has a unique crystalline structure which makes it easy for the body to absorb.

For Australians and Kiwis where iodine in soil is an issue, getting iodine from Himalayan salt is ideal. According to Dr Libby “a shortage of iodine can cause changes to the thyroid gland that directly lead to poor metabolism and immunity”. Other trace minerals include: calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, silica and selenium.

It has less sodium per teaspoon than normal table salt which makes it ideal for every day use.

I figure, I’m going to use salt anyways, why not make it count towards something?

Where to get it from:
It’s pretty common these days, so it is available at health food stores, markets and super markets. I find the health food stores are the best value for money.

What to look for:
It’s pretty distinct in its packet, you ideally should get 100% pure Himalayan salt with no caking agents.

How to use:
I use Himalayan salt instead of normal salt for every day cooking and table use as it has the same taste as normal salt.

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It’s available in a lot of forms such as fine grain, large rocks for salt grinders and flakes, so you have all bases covered.

It also comes in large blocks, which you can use for grilling meat, fish and veges, as well as mortar and pestle form for grinding nuts and herbs.

If you find yourself dehydrated dispute drinking adequate amounts of water, your body might have trouble absorbing water. One sign of this is dry chapped lips. Himalayan salt contains the electrolytes (minerals that conduct electricity in our fluids and tissues); sodium, chlorin, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Adding a few grains into drinking water, is an easy way to help maximise water absorption.

You can find delicious recipes with Himalayan salt here.

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