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how to buy awesome christmas presents for a fashionista sartorialist

how to buy awesome christmas presents for a fashionista sartorialistAhhh Christmas time. Where consumerism runs rampant and we all stress ourselves out trying to decipher the “perfect” gift for our loved ones. The BF and I had the “what do you want for Christmas” conversation last night and it was completely pointless.

He wants camera gear, all of which is well outside of my budget, and besides, I have no idea about camera gear. To be honest, I don’t really want anything. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m always looking at new stuff and wishing. (Did you know I write a column called the Weekly Want? That doesn’t come out of thin air my friend.) But when I really want something, I simply buy it for myself. That’s the beauty of being a self-sufficient, independent adult – I have my own money and I spend it where I see fit.

However buying presents is one of the inalieable truths of Christmas. So if you are a picky lady (like me), or you’re buying for a picky lady (like my poor BF), here are some ideas.



Girls like jewellery. You can literally never go wrong with buying a woman a nice piece of jewellery as long as you’re confident enough you know her taste. A good trick is to look at the brands she wears and work with that. Here are some pretty things.


Top row from left: Veronica B earringsZoe and Morgan necklaceAntoanetta ring. Middle row from left:  Stolen Girlfriends Club earringsMeadowlark ring, Monday’s Child necklace from taylor. Bottom row from left: Zoe and Morgan ring, Country Road braceletKaren Walker ring.



Handbags and shoes – also a very easy Christmas gift. If you’re looking for something a little outside the box, why not try some leather accessories like a phone case or a planner? Not all girls would be romanced by a planner, but I certainly would.

CHRISTMAS Accessories

Top row from left: Revie heels from ShopVivaWhistles iPhone caseChaos and Harmony bag. Middle row from left: Kikki K leather plannerDeadly Ponies bagJuliette Hogan leather keychain. Bottom row from left: Stella McCartney backpack from RunwayMcQueen by Alexander McQueen shoes from RunwayDeadly Ponies journal.



Now this is a little trickier. Do not buy her practical homeware. No girl wants a blender for Christmas. But a beautiful vase or a painting is more than acceptable. A few years back the BF commissioned an artwork but one of our friends, the extremely talented Misha Uteev, off the back of an off-hand comment I made that “we had too much black and white art and we needed something colourful.” Needless to say I was very impressed.

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Top row from left: Chloe Ruby print from Endemic WorldJuliette Hogan cushionsKarlsson alarm clock from Superette. Middle row from left: Citta Design throwLumira candle from SuperetteMargaret Petchell print from Endemic World.Bottom row from left: Kate Sylvester x Douglas and Bec swanKate Sylvester x Douglas and Bec stoolFather Rabbit duvet set.



Always a winner but by god get her size right. And if you’re not sure, buy her something on the small side and include an exchange card. A gal wants to feel like she looks smaller than she actually is.


Top row from left: Lonely Hearts bra and briefSkin pyjamas from Netaporter, Stella McCartney bra and brief. Middle row from left: Equipment pyjamas from The Outnet, Lonely Hearts cami and shortMimi Holiday teddy from Netaporter. Bottom row from left: Stella McCartney bra and briefMoochi crop, Elle Macpherson bra and thong.

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